About Femininity

How many times you heard a woman say “I’m the pants of the family”. What does it really mean? Is it natural for a woman to be in a leading position, in marriage?

Emancipation opened a lot of doors for women, gave them career opportunities in every field imaginable. But have we lost something as well as we have gained?

Words like  patience, compromise, gentleness, eagerness to serve, modesty and femininity are more likely to insult a modern career-oriented woman, let alone staying home with the child, and breastfeed for as long as the child wants to. Side effect of capitalistic society is –  everything needs to be fast and competitive. In this case, quality suffers.

Chinese philosophy emphasizes an ability of a drop of water to slowly break the stone over a long period of time – in their understanding that’s how woman is supposed to conduct herself towards husband. Today, we can hardly imagine such wisdom and patience in relationships; a person can easily just walk out of the relationship if something does not suit him/her immediately.

When I ask women, if they would rather stay home and take care of the kids and family, majority says they wouldn’t want to, because they would be bored. The ones who want to usually can’t afford it. What does this have to do with femininity? A lot! In the world of masculine women, and feminine men, we have switched the roles, the balance is lost, and institute of family is in big crisis.

A woman needs to develop her feminine qualities in order to be happy, and create a healthy family, raise harmonious children. Her priorities should run in the family. She can work, if she wants to, for her own pleasure, but it should not interfere with her family. By developing her feminine side, she will grow masculine qualities of her husband, which will fulfill creative potential of both!

Woman’s duty is also to develop her husband as a  person, so he will get inspired and find the way to bring the best to his family and provide for them. Inspire your man to be the man!

I am myself very ambitious and a multifaceted person; motherhood changed everything for me. I started to learn about my own femininity, and how it affects everything around me. I myself have a suppressive power and sometimes I just want to bully instead of discussing things. It took me a lot of steps to learn to control my ego, and attitude towards men. I myself was acting like a man, giving orders, demanding like a general at war…

I now learn to be softer, and hold the fire within for more constructive purposes. But this is the ultimate challenge. It is so hard for a woman to obey and respect the man, because she’s six times stronger emotionally and psychologically. In order to embrace our nature and be happy, we need to learn to do that. So many women opted out of sacrificing their ego, and stayed alone, miserable, but proud. Everyone makes their own choice. Strong woman is more prone to be alone, because she wants to be a man. Who’s the pants of your family? 😉

Sincerely, Valeriya Isernia


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