Why it is important to watch your baby’s bio rythms

Did you know that your body is living according to biological rhythms? There is a rhythm in the work of the stomach, the kidneys, and the nervous system. There are periods of recession and the peak of activity. This is the basis of your health. These rhythms are innate, and they are connected to the Sun and the Moon, more precisely – to solar and lunar rhythms. But we’re not talking about you, we are going to talk about children.

The infant rhythms are particularly important, as it is the following of biorhythms that keeps his health. Biologists know that the failures in the rhythms of life among rats, for example, lead to disease … Again, experimenting on rats …

The difficulty lies in the fact that the kid himself is unable to regulate them. His nervous system is still very imperfect. He quickly gets overexcited and inhibitory/slowing down processes cannot run independently. Child needs help from mom who will remind him that it’s time to sleep or to nurse. It is important and necessary for a mother to keep track of sleeping rhythm, waking, etc., so she can spot an issue in timely manner.

Among neuroscientists this feature of immature nervous system is well known – the excitement in children of 3-5 years of age dominates the process of slowing down.  In this case develops slowing down function lies on mom. That’s why mother’s there to begin with – to guide, help and support.

Here is a brief scheme of daily rhythms of infants up to 3 years:

Newborn – naps for 20-120 minutes, awake periods vary from 10 to 60 minutes.

At 3 months – expressed long (over an hour) and short (less than one hour) naps.  Time being awake varies from 40 to 120 minutes.

At 6 months – 4 naps, of which 2 long and 2 short.

At 9 months – 3 naps: two long and one short.

At Year 1 – 2 naps, 1 long (90-150 minutes) and one short (40-60 minutes).

At 1.2-1.6 – 1 nap 90-150 minutes.

Daytime sleep is typical for children of 3-5 years if the child in the daycare.


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