Our Leaders

We can always be reached through Facebook, simply ask to join and one of our leaders will approve it!

Contact one of our leaders if you have any questions, suggestions or ideas, and before advertising through our group:

Samantha Virella – the actual founder of the group, mother to three beautiful children (Emmanuel, Elisa, Evaeha). Very warm-hearted and inspirational person. She homeschools and is very devoted to her family, church, and our values as Attachment Parenting Group.

Valeriya B Isernia – breastfeeding, co-sleeping, babywearing mama to 1.5 years Sophia. Attachment Parenting/Continuum Concept enthusiast. Future CLC (certified lactation consultant) and LLL Leader.

Melissa Paz – she’s a working from home mom, a mommy to gorgeous Dante, her real passion is all things eco-friendly, she’s super smart and totally believes that being a third generation vegetarian has something to do with it, but we all know it’s BREASTFEEDING! She breastfeeds, cloth diapers, co-sleeps and considers herself as crunchy as organic homemade granola. She also has her own blog about her journey as a FabVeggieMama.

Candace Box – mother to two lovely girls, Cheyenne and Aurora, she brings a beautiful, peaceful parenting style to the group. She breastfeeds, co-sleeps, cloth diapers, baby wears and tries to be as healthy in her choices as she can. We love how sweet and free-spirited she is while being very down to earth.

Jennifer Lynn McAllister – she’s a truly amazing person, she manages to work five days a week, be a full time student (Psychology, BTW!), help run this group and breastfeed her precious little munchkin Lori.  We think it’s really heroic, and for that we are absolutely in love with Jen!


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