Who we are


Nurturing Mothers Network has a very active Facebook group, since it is where we started.  Join us there for constant updates.


Nurturing Mother – she is a loving and caring mother, who trusts her instincts, and responses to her child’s needs appropriately; she’s a very active, confident woman, wise mother and truthful wife, she manages to do just everything – nurse her child, keep her house clean, and still look stunning! We also like to have fun. Nurturing Mothers is a dynamic environment of young, like-minded women, who share their passion for breastfeeding, co-sleeping, babywearing, and generally giving their children the best of nature!

Our Motto: When you’re doing it right, your needs are the same as the child’s and you don’t have to choose between them. (Jean Liedloff)

Find your tribe:

Nurturing Mothers Network members are mainly located in Winter Garden, Ocoee, Clermont, Apopka areas and even Orlando. All are welcome, however most meetings are in the Winter Garden, Ocoee and sometimes Orlando. We are working to have more events in Clermont and other areas so that our moms are able to spend time together without having to make too much of a drive. We want you to find your tribe!

Newbie? Here are the basic rules!

We would like to gently inform our ‘newcomers’ how our community works. We are about supporting, connecting and educating Mothers so we can all become the best we can be! We’re all different, are on our own journeys and have different experiences. We also have different ways of doing things and that’s ok.

Please keep it respectful, remain open-minded and willing to learn; take what you want and leave what you don’t want!

Please no debates and double check your tone of typing. If you have offended someone make sure you work it out for the group because we’re here for support and fun!

Remember, only members can view your comments within Facebook, but keep fellow members’ personal information private, within the group.

We are supportive of businesses run by Moms as long as they are in line with our core concepts. If you would like to advertise your products, services or group, please verify with one of the group leaders before posting.

Also, if you want to get involved, you are very welcome to share your ideas with us! Contact one of our leaders.


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