Our philosophy

Nurturing Mothers is a network of crunchy, cool, fun, and breastfeeding (well, most of us do breastfeed) moms, who support Attachment Parenting (AP), and these are the principles we base our philosophy on:

  1. Natural Birth
  2. Breastfeed on demand
  3. We promote extended breastfeeding till two years of age and beyond
  4. We do support and promote co-sleeping and bed sharing
  5. We do practice Cloth Diapering or
  6. Elimination Communication/Natural Infant Hygiene
  7. We encourage babywearing
  8. We encourage to trust your instincts, and stop reasoning!
  9. We do stand for natural medicines, and non vax friendly community
  10. We do believe in homeschooling
  11. We raise intact boys
  12. We do love organic foods and just anything that is natural, incl. cosmetics, cleaning supplies, etc.

We believe in natural childbirth, home birth, stay-at-home or working-at-home parenting, co-sleeping, breastfeeding, baby wearing, homeschooling, the anti-circumcision movement, natural health, cooperative movements, naturism and support of organic and local foods.

Some of us believe in some of it, some of us believe in ALL of it, and some of us may not believe in any of it yet but we are all on a path of discovery, the disposition to learn is key. Take what you like and leave what you don’t, we’re cool as long as you’re cool, we are all about connecting and reaching out!

We do our best to comply with our mission, and here it is:

Return to natural approaches in Birth, Parenting, Health and overall living”.

The way we fulfill our mission is by setting and reaching the following goals:

  1. Make Breastfeeding the number one choice for moms out there
  2. Raise the awareness of baby wearing and its importance for baby’s well-being
  3. Support moms in business, as it allows them to stay home with their children
  4. Provide support and information to moms along their motherhood journey.
  5. Make celebrities breastfeed, so leading clothing brands can design flamboyant nursing wear for us (well, if it’s not possible, at least it’s amusing to think of!:D)
  6. Ok, now seriously, we love to support other groups who support the same things and would LOVE to eventually unite our efforts, so then we can really make an impact on society and how it perceives Breastfeeding, Baby Wearing, etc.
  7. Build healthy communities, thus creating great futures for all of the human beings!

We understand that these values are interpreted in a variety of ways. We do not require a parent to strictly follow any set of rules to be a part of this group, instead encouraging parents to be creative in responding to their child’s needs. We are about getting together and connecting locally with moms who share the desire to make informed parenting decisions.

We are all unique, and each of us makes this community more diverse and complex.

And we love embracing it, and sharing it with other women, so they can too become a part of the Nurturing Mothers movement.


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