Baby Wearing Resources

Let’s get our babies out of buckets and up ‘Close Enough to Kiss.’Babywearing does SO much good for our little ones (and us as parents as well!)

Slinging Your Baby:

* Increases neurological development and brain activity

* Increases calm alertness

* Increases oxygen flow

* Increases the flow of oxytocin and other ‘feel good/love’ hormones (for BOTH Dad/Mom and baby)

* Improves sleep at night and naptimes

* Improves and regulates cardiovascular health

* Improves and regulates respiratory health

* Improves breastfeeding (and Mom’s milk supply when she babywears)

* Improves gross and fine motor development, strength and ability

* Regulates body temperature especially in small babies (when baby has a fever, babywearing skin-to-skin with Mom/Dad will lower his temp; if baby is too cold, skin-to-skin will raise baby’s temp)

* Decreases fussiness, colic and gastrointestinal problems

* Decreases cortisol and other stress hormones (for BOTH Mom/Dad and baby!)

* Decreases blood pressure and hypertension (for BOTH Mom/Dad and baby!)

* Develops healthy, secure attachment (for BOTH Mom/Dad and baby)

* Decreases physiological development issues (such as Plagiocephaly, Tortocollis, and ‘flat head’ that we see so often in what the AAP calls ‘Bucket Babies’ – those left in carseats/strollers)

Great source of help is online communities like the forums at:


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